About Us


About our work

At Wolf Adventure, we use creativity and strategy to deliver simple yet effective solutions. Our home office is located in Miami, Florida. We welcome clients from across the globe. We’re ready to put our talents to work for you.

Our services include:

  • Marketing, Creative, and Writing Services
  • Strategic Planning, Marketing Planning
  • Creativity and Story-Building Workshops
  • Team-building Programs and Service Excellence Programs.

Why did we choose the name Wolf Adventure?

We searched far and wide for company names. After considering many options, we decided on Wolf Adventure. The name is quirky, memorable, and also strong.

“On the one hand, wolves are regal creatures; however, they are also family-oriented, beautiful, playful, and adventurous. I think work and life are better if we include some of these same ideas, such as a sense of play and adventure. Hence, the name.” — Wolf Adventure founder, Sam Chesser

About our founder

Our company was founded by Samuel Chesser in 2016. Sam has twenty years of leadership experience, as well as a track record managing people and programs. His work spans several industries, such as financial services, nonprofits, technology, arts, manufacturing, and more. His background includes marketing, communications, and writing. In addition, he has led planning, strategy, culture change, and service excellence programs. Sam is also a theater director and teaching artist.

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